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Liberia: Don’t Fight Diabetes Alone

The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center is calling on Liberians living with diabetes not to live with diabetes in isolation.

James Momoh made the statement recently at the end of a three week visit to Liberia on diabetes awareness.

He told the media that diabetes is now a prevalence medical condition in Liberia that must draw the attention of every Liberian and international partners.

He explained that as an autoimmune disease, diabetes compromises the immune system and if not treated, it leads to several complications which he identified as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, amputation and death.

He warned Liberians to get tested for diabetes especially for those that are obsessed, eating poorly and have the family history of diabetes.

Mr. Momoh told the media that his visit to Liberia afforded him the opportunity to further understand the prevalence of diabetes in the country “everyone that came to the center for health evaluation as it relates to diabetes, was either knowingly or unknowingly living with diabetes with a staggering result.

He said, while type 2 diabetes is the common form of diabetes in the country, however, most of the people living with the disease in Liberia are now in a irreversible stage.

The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center further indicated that while diabetes is manageable and preventable, it is a medical condition that has become global and now one of the leading causes of death and disability.

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