Liberia Diabetes Testing Center Boss Continues Diabetes Awareness

By Lincoln Barcon

The Executive Director of Liberia Diabetes Testing and Awareness Center, Mr. James Momoh, over the weekend called on Liberians to know their diabetes symptoms because the prevalence of the disease and its complications, it’s becoming the second leading cause of death in Liberia.

In brief remarks, Mr. Momoh said the press conference was held in continuation of the diabetes preventive awareness activities intended for Liberians to know the complications and help people on how to know their sugar level or diabetes status.

Mr. Momoh stated further that diabetes is a disease that develops when the body does not make enough insolence or unable to utilize the insolence it produces. He said due to the lack of awareness on the prevalence of the disease and its complications, it is becoming the second leading cause of death in Liberia and is therefore calling on Liberians to partnership with the center in getting tested for diabetes.

He disclosed that diabetes has become a major disease in Liberia because some citizens are not living healthily and as a result they develop what he described as “sugar sickness”.

Mr. Momoh said since the inception of the Diabetes Testing and Awareness Center in Liberia, data collected indicates that diabetes is becoming a major health crisis in the country that would likely lead to the loss of many lives.

He added that any one visiting the center and getting tested is either pre-diabetic or a diabetic but unknowingly living with the condition until he or she decides to get tested for hyperglycemia often referred to as high blood glucose.

Speaking at his Front Street offices, Mr. Momoh said the symptoms of diabetes are persistent thirst and hunger, frequent urination, unusual weight loss and gain, blurred vision, impotency, irritability, and wound that is hard to heal, tingling pain or numbness in the hands or feet and frequent vaginal infection for women, itching skin and dry mouth.He cautioned that if anyonehas any of these symptoms be tested for diabetes.On the activities of the diabetes testing center and preventive awareness campaign, the Executive Director James Momoh said the center is not just a testing center but, a resource center that is helping the diabetic needs of Liberians through testing and a comprehensive awareness initiative.

“Let people visit the center and take advantage of the opportunities on diabetes education from renounced American diabetes specialists,” he intimated.

In his statement, Mr. Momoh said his goal is to extend activities of the diabetes awareness and preventive campaign to every partof Liberia but noted that “People must be aware of diabetes and prevent themselves.” He said further that diabetes does not have age range because some types of the diseases can be inborn tendency while it could also be contracted due to poor life style or old age.

Meanwhile, Mr. Momoh has disclosed that his institution is offering free diabetes testing at its Front Street offices with a little amount of L$200 and has encouraged Liberians to take advantage of the opportunity to manage or prevent themselves from contracting diabetes.

For her part, the Administrative Manager, Agnes Johnson, said her institution is also offering counseling,most especially for people who are diagnosed of having the diabetes disease and providing guidance on the kind of foods to eat when diagnosed.

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