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Liberia Diabetes Center Begins Free Health Assessment in Monrovia

The Liberia Diabetes Center located on Front Street in Monrovia is calling on Liberians to visit the center this Saturday as the center embarks on a campaign to provide free health assessment to Monrovia resident and its environs.

According to the campaign coordinator, Ms. Venessa Brown, the health assessment campaign scheduled for every Saturday at the Liberia Diabetes Center is intended to alert Liberians on the status of their health condition.

Participants will have the chance to be assessed for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, oxygen saturation temperature, and heart function. The health evaluation which is non-invasive, is critical to human lives.

Venessa, with years of experience working as a nurse in Liberia, disclosed that the Liberia Diabetes Center health evaluation campaign will benefit many Liberians especially, for those that are unable to regularly visit hospitals or clinics in Monrovia due to the lack financial resources.

Diabetes which is an auto immune disease leads to many health problems if not caught early. She revealed that people with hyperglycemia are always at risk of heart disease, blindness, and amputation if the necessary preventive and manageable measures are not put in place.

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