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Liberia Diabetes Center to Import Glucose Testing Meters

The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center located on front street in central Monrovia has announced that the center will shortly be importing a consignment of glucose testing meters for people with diabetes in the country. Mr. James Momoh made the statement from the United States during an interview with our reporter. He told our reporter that the importation of glucose meters in the country is intended to meet the growing demands of Liberians that are dealing with the complications of diabetes and to reduce the financial burden that Liberians with diabetes are enduring in the management and prevention of the disease. ‘the key to diabetes management is having access to a glucose testing meter, adding that the Liberia Diabetes center primary objective is to ensure that diabetes sufferers in Liberia are provided the necessary support in combating the disease.’
Commenting further, Momoh said that the Liberia Diabetes Center is currently playing a critical role in the global fight against diabetes in Liberia. He said, since the establishment of the diabetes center, Liberians are now having access to regular glucose monitoring and counseling on disease prevention and management. ‘we are also providing vitamins to our diabetes community members to help rebuild their immune system’. He told our reporter that people with diabetes are also confronted with other medical conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, poor vision and often at risk of cardiovascular accident or stroke. Momoh revealed to our reporter that diabetes as a global disease cannot be fought in isolation. It requires the participation of every Liberian. He said from a survey carried out by the Liberia Diabetes Center, type 2 diabetes is the most prevalence in Liberia ‘ with good eating habits and regular exercise, people with type 2 diabetes can live a normal life’. He admonished Liberians to join the Liberia Diabetes Center in the fight against diabetes in the country.

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