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About the Liberia Diabetes Testing Center

For the past two years, the Liberia diabetes center has provided diabetes testing awareness to the people of Liberia. Diabetes is a medical condition that is prevalence and has become the leading cause of death and disability not only in Liberia but globally. Prior to opening the diabetes center in Liberia, people were unknowingly living with diabetes due to the lack of a testing and awareness center. While hospitals and clinics suddenly diagnosed people with diabetes, they also lack testing meters to continuously provide testing opportunities to people living with diabetes or seeking to know their hypoglycemic status. Today, we are providing testing meters and strips to hundreds of Liberians that are suffering from diabetes. The center is also providing health assessment for obesity, high blood pressure to its clients, and providing nutritional support and counseling on diabetes management and prevention. The center also has a mini gym to provide exercise opportunities to people suffering from diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. The Liberia Diabetes Center services are not limited to a special class of people but people of all ages and gender.

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